Second International Workshop on Querying Graph Structured Data

22 March 2013, Genoa, Italy

GraphQ 2013 Preliminary Program

Friday, March 22

9:15 - 9:30 Introduction

Chairs: Federica Mandreoli, Wilma Penzo

9:30 - 10:30 Invited Session

Chairs: Federica Mandreoli, Wilma Penzo

  • What we talk about when we talk about graphs

George H. L. Fletcher

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 - 12:30 Paper Session 1

Chair: Federica Mandreoli

  • Towards query model integration: topology-aware, IR-inspired metrics for declarative graph querying

Luiz Gomes-Jr, Rodrigo Jensen, and Andre' Santanche'

  • A Similarity Measure for Approximate Querying over RDF data

Roberto De Virgilio, Antonio Maccioni, and Riccardo Torlone

  • Dynamic Multi-version Ontology-based Personalization

Fabio Grandi

12:30 Lunch

14:00 - 15:30 Paper Session 2

Chair: Wilma Penzo

  • On Implementing Provenance-Aware Regular Path Queries with Relational Query Engines

Saumen Dey, Victor Cuevas-Vicenttin, Sven Kohler, and Bertram Ludaescher

  • Performance of Graph Query Languages - Comparison of Cypher, Gremlin and Native Access in Neo4j

Florian Holzschuher and Rene' Peinl

  • Finding Nearest Neighbors in Road Networks: A Tree Decomposition Method

Fang Wei-Kleiner

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 - 16:30 Concluding Session

Chairs: Federica Mandreoli, Wilma Penzo

Speakers are kindly invited to keep their presentation time to 30 minutes (incl. questions).